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Operations Director

Netherlands, Zuid-Holland, DelftOperations

Job description

Whiffle is a scale-up in Delft and we offer precision weather forecasting on a hyper local scale, through scientific prowess and superior computing power. And we are growing, not only in Europe but also in North America and Asia! This growth means more customers, more questions and the need for an awesome operations department! To facilitate this growth, we are looking for an (customer) operations director to build up our operations department (around 5 colleagues), optimize the processes and changing the game for a cleaner, safer world. 


You are a people manager who knows how to build up the operations department and lead a team of operations engineers and skilled service desk employees. You know how to write and execute an operational strategic plan for the operational department. Starting hands on in the coming period you will grow the team, optimize the process of onboarding new customers and set up & develop an excellent customer support. Our customers are international companies such as General Electric, Pondera and other energy companies. You will be in contact with the operational managers, traders and technical specialists of these companies. You are also responsible for the quality control of our forecasting and simulation products to our customers. So, you work closely with our development team to improve the quality of our product. Setting up a dashboard with KPI’s and achieving ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification is in the planning for the coming year.

At the moment we have a team of around 30 people at Whiffle. The current operations department consists of 5 colleagues. The team will have to be further developed with the recruitment of new employees.


Whiffle is based in Delft the Netherlands since 2016 and founded by professors from the Delft University of Technology! Whiffle uses cutting edge computer technology to produce highly accurate weather forecasts and weather simulations, used in the renewable energy industry of wind- and solar power. Our business is not only in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe, North America and Asia! It is Whiffle’s mission to make the world's best weather forecasts and to make the world better with this disruptive technology. Sometimes people say it’s not possible, but we are sure it can be done, because we already did! We believe in a future in which the weather can be forecasted with unprecedented precision through our services, which will benefit any weather-dependent industry and make the world a safer and cleaner place.


We combine scientific excellence with a drive to innovate in order to deliver better products to our clients. We share a hard-working spirit and celebrate our successes together. We stimulate learning and personal development. We value a pleasant working atmosphere and a good sense of humour. You will be working with team members specialized in physics, computing, customer support and renewable energy. Your job at Whiffle allows you to make a lasting impact in the field of renewable energy and weather forecasting.

Job requirements


We are looking for a people manager with a BSc or MSc degree in Business studies, Science or Computer Science who drives operational excellence. You know how to create and execute an international (customer) operations plan and you have a strategic mindset, but also understand the necessity of being hands-on. You are a well organized person, like to deal with urgent matters and you know how to set priorities with good service always in mind. You have experience in managing an operations team and you have a coaching role towards your team. You have work experience in the (inter)national energy sector and it helps when you are familiar with the Agile way of working. Quality control is an important aspect in this role, so it is an advantage if you have experience in quality control & certification processes like for example: ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. And because we focus on the international market, you have the ability to communicate fluently in both Dutch and English and live in The Netherlands.


  • Everyone in our team is eager to learn from and share knowledge with each other.
  • Room to grow, with learning opportunities and coaching both technical and personal.
  • We celebrate successes together.
  • With this job you ensure a lasting impact in the field of sustainable energy and weather forecasting.
  • Traveling allowance and pension scheme.
  • An awesome job for 32-40 hours a week.
  • Possibility to work partly from home.
  • 30 days leave.
  • Between € 6.000 and € 7.000 monthly salary, depending on experience (based on 1FTE)

You must have become very enthusiastic by now to be our new Customer Operations Director! We would be happy to tell you more about the position and about Whiffle.

Apply for this job and we are looking forward to speak to you soon!